Frequently asked questions - student

Here are some of the questions we are asked most frequently about student tenancies. If you would like to ask us something else, please contact our team.

How do I reserve an apartment?

You can send an enquiry by filling in our online form on the website or calling the Residence team on +44 208 0648272. To reserve an apartment you can call the team and they will be happy to talk you through the next steps (these take no more than a few minutes) or alternatively book directly online. You will be required to pay a one-off holding fee of £250 to reserve an apartment which will be redeemable against your first instalment. Your first instalment is payable prior to move-in. NB: the holding fee is refundable if you no longer wish to proceed with the application within 24 hours of making the payment. The holding fee is also refundable if you made your decision based on a virtual viewing and you later change your mind within 24 hours following an in person viewing.

How long is the booking process?

The reference check process normally takes between 3-7 business days. This dependent on your availability, your ability to complete the online application form and your referees’ availability.

Do you offer flexible tenancies?

Yes we do. We offer 46 & 51 week tenancies and have in-year availability too. We also offer semester stays, September - December & January - June. Please enquire with the team for semester stays, or if you would like to move in before the 7 September student lease start date.

Can you explain the referencing check process?

Once you’ve paid the holding fee, you are required to go through referencing checks, which are carried out by our referencing company, to approve your eligibility to enter into a tenancy agreement. These checks take around 3 - 7 working days to complete. Making sure you provide all supporting documentation required will speed this process up.

Why choose Enclave: Croydon?

Enclave: Croydon offers all-inclusive studios and 1-bedroom apartments to rent from £350 per week with no deposit required. The building is fifty storeys high with seven floors of private curated amenities. Enjoy the privacy of your own home plus fitness, wellness, work and socialising as an extension of your apartment – all under one roof with unrivalled service. A stone’s throw from East Croydon station, you can be in London Bridge in 13 minutes, Victoria in 16 minutes and Gatwick in 14 minutes.

I have just moved to the UK, can I rent at Enclave: Croydon?

Absolutely. Many of our residents come from overseas and move straight into our properties as soon as they land in the UK. As with any application, you’ll need to complete tenant referencing checks with our referencing company Rightmove Referencing.


Do you require a guarantor?

If you are paying in more than one instalment, yes we do. If you are a student moving to the UK from overseas, and are unable to provide a UK guarantor, you can use a company called Housing Hand.

How much is the deposit?

There is no deposit required at Enclave: Croydon.


What fees do you charge?

We don’t charge any fees.

Do I have to pay for an inventory?

No, we do not charge inventory fees.

In how many instalments can the rent be paid?

Rent can be paid in 1, 2 or 4 instalments.

What date is rent due?

If you are paying in one instalment, it is due by 7 September 2024.

If you are paying in two instalments:

-          the first is due (50%) by 7 September 2024

-          the second is due (50%) by 1 February 2025

If you are paying in four instalments:

-          the first instalment is due (10%) by 7 September

-          the second is due (35%) by 1 October 2024

-          the third instalment is due (35%) by 1 February 2025

-          the fourth instalment is due (20%) by 1 May 2025

Will my rent increase during my tenancy?

Your rent will not increase within the initial 46 or 51 week tenancy period. Prior to the end of your tenancy, your Residence Manager will provide you with the rates at which the tenancy could be extended should you wish to.

What method of payments can I use?

Your holding fee and first months’ rent can be paid electronically using the Stripe payment system. Alternative options can be provided (such as bank account details) if required so please with a member of the team if this is the case.


Can I request a room change during my tenancy?

After moving in, if you are dissatisfied with your room, you can switch to another vacant room or exchange rooms with another student. However, you must provide a valid reason to the administrator and pay a certain fee for the change.

Can I sublet after I move in?

No, subletting your room is not allowed. If you do wish to leave your contract early you will need to find a replacement tenant, and provide us with their details so that we can release you from your contract and create a new tenancy agreement for them.

Do your flats come furnished? If so, what is included?

Yes, our apartments do come furnished and include a double bed, a coffee table and a sofa, armchair or armchairs depending on the size of the unit.

Is there parking available at Enclave: Croydon?

We have disabled parking spots but do not offer general resident parking spaces. The building is incredibly well-connected via public transport. For advice on public parking in the area, please speak with a member of the Residence team.

Do you have bike storage at Enclave: Croydon?

Yes! We have lots of storage available for bikes in the basement. All bike storage is secure and remote CCTV monitored, although we cannot take responsibility for your bike.


What is the move-in process?

Once the application process is complete and reference checks passed, the Residence Team will be in touch to discuss the tenancy agreement. Once all is agreed, the contract is signed, and the payment is received, we will schedule a convenient time with you to meet on the day of your move-in to hand over keys, and help you settle in to your new home. After move-in, we’re on hand to offer a home induction, review your inventory and answer any questions.

Can I change my move-in date?

If you’d like to change the date of your move-in, we'll do all we can to accommodate however please note – your tenancy start date if booking a 46 or 51 week tenancy will be 7 September 2024. Please contact the Residence Team who'll be happy to assist.

Can I move in before the start of my contract?

It is possible but it depends on availability. We would advise you to check with the Residence Team before you make any arrangements.

What are the arrival times on moving-in day?

Please contact the accommodation team via the online contact form or email the site directly at

Which documents are needed for checking in?

To check into the apartment, you will need to present the Residence Team with a valid identification document (such as a passport), visa if applicable, and proof of student status’, (eg student acceptance letter/email, student loan documentation, etc).

Do I have to pay for a cleaner when moving out?

At Enclave, we aim for the highest standard of services and quality of product, therefore we ask that in order to avoid cleaning fees when moving out, our residents maintain their homes in good condition and leave the property in the same state and condition in which it was received. At all Enclave: Croydon, we offer preferential rates in cleaning services, that are available for your convenience if required.

Is there help in the building 24 hours a day?

Whilst living at Enclave; Croydon, you will benefit from the 24/7 Residence Team who will respond to any emergencies. Your Enclave Maintenance and Management team is also ready to respond to any emergencies that may occur. For smaller maintenance requests that are not emergencies, you can notify us via the resident portal and we will assist you according to your requirements. More information on what is considered an emergency vs a maintenance request can be found in your resident handbook provided on the day of move-in. If in doubt, the Residence Team are very happy to answer any questions you may have.

What team will there be on site?

The Residence Team is the key to making a difference in your rental experience. You will have a Residence Manager who heads up a team including Customer Service, Maintenance and Housekeeping.

What is your CCTV policy?

Our CCTV policy can be found here.

Is smoking permitted in the accommodation?

Smoking is not allowed within the accommodation, however, there is a designated smoking area outside the building.

How do I view an Enclave apartment?

You are welcome to walk in and have a tour or book an appointment here, appointments will ensure we have someone ready for you when you arrive. Tours typically take place between 8am – 8pm, seven days a week.

Do I need to bring anything to the viewing?

Due to the UK Right to Rent policy, we are required to obtain and check all original identification of non-EU tenant(s) to show that they are legally allowed to live in the UK. These documents are normally checked at the application stage, so please be prepared to show your identification to our team. Documents must be obtained and checked for all tenants wishing to live in the apartment; if a tenant is not present at viewing or a virtual viewing is arranged, a copy of the document must be sent via email to the Enclave Residence Team, who will then be required to see the tenant and check the document via Skype or FaceTime before agreeing a contract. Documents will also need to be verified in person upon arrival for move-in.

How do I cancel or reschedule my viewing?

Please use the link on the viewing confirmation email or contact the sales team at

How should I report maintenance issues for broken or malfunctioning items?

Drop us an email or pop to reception to let us know, our on-site Maintenance team will be able to deal with most things.

Do you accept pets?

No, we do not accept pets at Enclave: Croydon.