Ten reasons why you should rent with a pet
14 September, 2022

Ten reasons why you should rent with a pet


Whether you’re a dog or a cat person, Enclave welcomes all creatures great and small to share your home with you. And with its proximity to green spaces, scenic walks and dog-friendly cafés, King’s Cross is the perfect place to rent with a pet. We explore some of the other reasons why you should adopt an animal in N1C.  


  1. It keeps you fit 

Owning a dog means walkies and a daily excuse to take a break from the office, get outside and explore the wide variety of walks that King’s Cross has to offer. From strolls along Regents Canal tow path, to a game of fetch at Lewis Cubitt Park, there are plenty of choices to keep you and your pet fit and stimulated. Plus, regular walking has been proven to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.  


  1. You can make friends 

The dog-walking community in King’s Cross is close knit and while your pooch makes their acquaintance with the local canine population, you’ll soon find yourself making friends with their owners. Before you know it, a quick chat leads to a stroll for coffee at one of the neighbourhood’s dog-friendly cafés. Because nothing breaks the ice more than a doggy playdate. 


  1. Pets make a house a home 

There’s nothing quite like a soft meow or the wag of a tail to welcome you home after a long day at work. Renting with a pet can help make your apartment instantly feel like home. If you’re living alone or your partner or flat mate are out for the evening, they’re great company – and they never hog the TV remote.  

Renting with a pet can make your apartment instantly feel like home.

Owning a dog encourages you to get outside and explore the wide variety of walks that King’s Cross has to offer.


  1. King’s Cross loves dogs 

There is no end of dog-friendly bars, cafés and restaurants dotted around King’s Cross that will make you and your pet feel like VIPs. Little Creatures brewery welcomes human’s best friend with treats and water, Rotunda Bar and Restaurant has a cosy corner complete with dog beer, while Drake and Morgan even offers a special afternoon tea for dogs. So when you’re out socialising, your pet doesn’t get left behind. 


  1. It’s good for the mind 

Some studies show that living with a pet is good for your mental health. Stroking a cat, cleaning out the goldfish or playing with your dog can help you relax, reduce anxiety and depression, and relieve stress. Meanwhile, their unconditional love means when you don’t feel like going out, you can sit on the sofa eating ice cream straight from the carton without fear of their judgement.   


  1. We have a pet wash 

It’s a well-established fact that dogs love to get muddy and wet at any opportunity. Thankfully, at Enclave that doesn’t mean dirty paw marks all over the wooden floor or stained sofas. The onsite pet wash (coming Autumn ’22) allows you can give your beloved pooch a good hose down after every walk, keeping your apartment fresh and clean. 


  1. They help you explore 

Having a dog in King’s Cross encourages you to explore parts of the city you didn’t even know existed. Visit Camley Street Natural Park, two acres of wild green space right on our doorstep. Your dog can stretch their legs at this urban nature reserve, a haven for all kinds of wildlife including kingfishers and herons. Or follow one of the Footways interactive walking maps to Waterloo or Liverpool Street, to discover hidden bookshops, secret gardens and historic buildings.  

We have a Pet Wash coming towards the end of 2022

Stroking a cat or playing with your dog can help you relax, reduce anxiety and depression, and relieve stress

  1. You can dress them up 

From cute jackets and knitted jumpers to bejewelled harnesses and cat bowties, the world of animal fashion is a joy to behold. And why scroll through pictures on Instagram when you can post snaps of your own dapper pet? Pet Pavilion boutique and grooming salon with its stock of pug hoodies is just a short trot away in Primrose Hill, while London-based online retailer Furmily – regularly spotted at Drake and Morgan – takes pet chic to a whole new level. 


  1. Help is on hand 

For those days when you need to be in the office or you’re just too busy to take the dog out, there is plenty of help available. Using a professional dog walker can make sure your four-legged friend doesn’t miss out on their run. It also gives them an opportunity to spend time with other canines, teaching them behavioural and social skills. Make sure your King’s Cross walker is fully insured before you hand over the lead. 


  1. It teaches kids responsibility 

Having a pet from a young age teaches children important life skills, from the practical – cleaning out the hamster cage and getting the dog to sit, to the emotional – being kind and nurturing. It’s also a useful way to encourage older kids to work for their pocket money by helping with animal-based chores. Win-win.  



Enclave: KX is a pet friendly apartment building in King’s Cross, we’re situated overlooking Regents Canal which is ideal for dog walks and have a Pet Wash coming late Autumn ’22.

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